Wild Mushrooms
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Saturday - August 27th
11am - 2pm

Mushroom Foray with Dr. BItty Roy @ eLliot Hwy

SUnday August 28th
9am - 11am

Mushroom Foray in Ester with Christin SweAringen and Callen Christensen
11am - 4pm
Main Event in Ester Community Park


We want Fairbanks to have its very own Fungi Festival!

Free, open to the public, non- smoking and family friendly.

Did you know there are more species of fungi than plants and animals combined?

Fungi can help humanity and the environment in so many ways. 

Fungi are used as medicine, and new compounds are being discovered all the time.

Did you know only 5% of fungi are known to science? Fungi can clean up oil spills, purify watersheds, and metabolize radiation!

Now that's eco-friendly!

Fungi are a potent solution to food security issues. They are one of the cheapest, yet most nutritious forms of protein on the planet, can be cultivated ethically, and with very little impact on the environment.

Fungi can turn local waste products into building materials and other materials, providing eco-friendly, insulative, and fire resistant products.

Now you see why we want to celebrate and educate with the first annual Fairbanks Fungi Festival!

We are comprised of 5 individuals that have been meeting to make this festival happen! 

Our names are Christin Swearingen, Callen Christensen, Meg Waite, Justin Whitiker, and Matt Meares.

Saturday - August 27th, 11am - 2pm
Mushroom Foray with Dr. Bitty Roy @ Elliot Hwy Milepost 36-37. Coordinates 65.272980, - 148.131089.
Come on a mushroom hunting foray and participate in mushroom science! We will be helping to collect and identify specimens within two square transects for Dr. Roy, and also look outside the plots for mushrooms to bring back to the main event on Sunday. Bring a basket, and also preferably, a tackle-box with segregated compartments for unique specimens to stay 
organized and undamaged.
To sign up for this event, please RSVP here!

SUnday - August 28th, 9am - 11am
Mushroom Foray in Ester with Christin Swearingen and Callen Christensen. We will be meeting at the trailhead on Amethyst Loop in Ester, AK. Bring a basket, and also preferably, a tackle-box with segregated compartments for unique specimens to stay organized and undamaged.
To sign up for this event, please RSVP here!

11am - 4pm Main Event in Ester Community Park

Presentations - Participatory and interactive!

11am - Mushroom Computation with Kelly May

12pm - Fungi and the Soil Food Web with Justin Whitiker

1pm - Sustainable Chaga with Callen Christensen

2pm - Yoga with Devta

3pm - Intro to Mushroom Identification with Christen Swearingen

4:30pm - Fairbanks Ladies of Wrestling - Questionable Morels

Other Activities

11am - Mushroom Walk for Children - With Pam Seiser

2pm - Music - The Bolete Song by Inna Rivkin AND Dark Country Electric Guitar Soundscapes by Forrest    Andresen


Main Booth with Donation box, Door Prizes, Flyers, and Merchandise

Mushroom Crafts For Kids - with Mary Burtness


Foray Tables


Art Vendors

Food Trucks



Partner tables: Interior Alaska Land Trust

Display tables under small pavilion: all the mushrooms found at the forays on 27th and morning of 28th will be sorted and identified by mycologists. Collections will be labeled and sorted by mushroom shape (gilled, boletes, polypores, toothed fungi, clubs & corals, puffballs, cup fungi, other.


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